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EASY-PV: RPAS and Galileo to support photovoltaic plants monitoring Workshop

Il prossimo 27 novembre, a partire dalle ore 9:15 fino alle 16:30 circa, presso l’Aula Leonardo, si terrà il Seminario dal titolo “EASY-PV: RPAS and Galileo to support photovoltaic plants monitoring”.

Qui di seguito L’Agenda dell’evento.


RPASs are used in many areas and what’s more, there is no end when it comes to their possibilities.
Therefore, the areas […]

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Mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017: Seminario, ore 10:00 in R2

Mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017, ore 10:00, Aula R2, per tutti gli interessati ad “high speed traffic monitoring”, un dottorando di Torino+Paristech, Zhang Tianzhu, terrà un Seminario.
Abstract a seguire:

Fast packet I/O frameworks emerged within the recent years have brought huge performance improvement to the user-space applications. However, traffic monitors that are able […]

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