Mercoledì 11 ottobre 2017, ore 10:00, Aula R2, per tutti gli interessati ad “high speed traffic monitoring”, un dottorando di Torino+Paristech, Zhang Tianzhu, terrà un Seminario.
Abstract a seguire:

Fast packet I/O frameworks emerged within the recent years have brought huge performance improvement to the user-space applications. However, traffic monitors that are able to provide flow level statistics at Gigabit level have not been comprehensively studied. In this work, we aim at implementing a traffic monitor to achieve per-flow statistics at line rate,
using the popular DPDK framework. Specifically, we build flow tables with 4 different data structures, integrate an “inter-packet gap” approach to analyze the flow burstiness, and use P2 algorithm to calculate the percentile of per-flow burstiness. Experimental results show that our work can achieve per-flow statistics with low packet drop rates.