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And talk with buildings…

TEMPERATURE TAGS (T-tags) are new generation wireless passive sensors used to pervasively measure temperature of people, objects, and environments.

They are suited to be placed over and into any kind of surface including metals and even the human body to collect body temperature.

Read the complete paper…

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Talk with your limbs…

Radio frequency identification (RFID) in the UHF band has been recently proposed as enabling technology to develop implanted radio-sensors to be integrated into orthopedic prosthesis because of the power autonomy and standardized communication protocols. This paper investigates…

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Sleep care…

Ambient Intelligence system able to monitor the parameters of sleep quality and to identify anomalous events and prompt for remote or local assistance. The system analyzes the interactions of the person with the surrounding environment (bed, carpets, ..) by using wearable Tags and versatile signal processing real-time engine… Read the complete article.

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RFID & IoT: a Synergic Pair

If you want to have an overview about the strong connection between Radiofrequency Identification and Internet of Things, Professor Gaetano Marrocco and his group have written this interesting piece.

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Wireless Systems for Body Movement Recognition

Here is an interesting reading about the Wireless Systems for Body Movements Recognition.

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