Project Description

Learning objectives

Giving basic electromagnetic knowledge required in the field of electronics.

Course content

Navigation and radio facilities. Satellite Navigation; structure of a GNSS (space segment, control, user) and its performance (accuracy, continuity, availability, integrity); sources of error, dilution of precision (DOP parameters); the receiver. GNSS existing and on development (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou ….). Integrity monitoring & Augmentation (DGPS, LAAS, WAAS, GBAS). Location of the mobile terminal on the cellular network and other methods of tracking. Air traffic control and related surveillance systems (PSR, SSR, MLAT-WAM, ADS-B). Traffic control of airport (SMGCS and sensors: SMR, ADS-B, local MLAT).Marine traffic control (VTS, VTMS, coastal radar, AIS).


Mauro Leonardi
0 credits
60/90 hours
0 year
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