Enrol in Internet Engineering Bachelor’s Degree!

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How to enrol in Internet Engineering Bachelor’s Degree

Enrolment procedure:
If You are interested in the Laziodisu Scholarship for the Academic Year 2016-17, please consult this website.

The deadline to submit the application form is July 28th, 2016.

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The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.
Eric Schmidt

Online enrolment

The online enrolment procedure for the Bachelor’s Degree is as follows:
  • Go to delphi.uniroma2.it -> Student Area -> Enrolment to the Mandatory Assessment Test of Preparatory Knowledge -> Start the Application Procedures
  • Choose Engineering and then Internet Engineering
  • Fill the form following the indications
  • Print the enrolment validation form and the Invoice
  • Pay the Invoice and go to the website once again. Use the AUTH code given by the Bank for the enrolment and payment validation.
  • Print the payment validation form. The application form, the enrolment validation form, the payment validation form must be taken with you for the test session.
We have to come together, worldwide, and ‘think.’ We have a tool – the internet – to let us do that. Let’s use it wisely.

Jimmy Wales

Admission test for the Bachelor’s Degree

The admission test is mandatory for each student of all Faculties. When you first enrol in University, it is essential to determine your knowledge level to realize if this Bachelor’s Degree is for you.
You will find the Guida alla Prova di Ammissione here
Or you can directly go to the CISIA website to train
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Enrolment in ICT and Internet Engineering Master’s Degree for Italian students

If You want to enrol in ICT and Internet Engineering Master’s Degree, Your Bachelor’s Degree, Your examinations and the relevant credits will be evaluated in order to consider a credit recovery program.

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