In 2025 more than 75 billion terminals are expected to be connected to the Internet

Internet has changed our way of working and confronting, realizing the biggest revolution in our age.

Internet everywhere

Not only websites.

Internet is the intelligent infrastructure that makes electricity, buildings and cities smart (Smart Grid, Smart Building, Smart City).
Interconnecting machines and people is revolutionizing every sector of life. Internet Engineering studies the techniques that allow to do things which were supposed to be impossible, just few years ago. The Degree in Internet Engineering gives you the technical know-how to be an active part of this change.

What kind of world will await you after the Degree?

Internet of Things
Millions of smartphone
People connected
millions of objects in the Internet
Billions of dollars for ICT

Forecast 2020 – Source: Gartner

How will the world of work change?

“The role of humans as the most important factor of production is bound to diminish, in the same way that the role of horses in agricultural production was first diminished and then eliminated by the introduction of tractors.”

This is what Wassily Leontief (Nobel prize) and this is what is happening today.
In 2013, looking at the European labor market, Jeremy Bowles calculated a loss of 50% of jobs in Europe, and, in the next twenty years, a peak of 60% only in Italy.
In particular, the repetitive and not skilled jobs are doomed to disappear because of the introduction of intelligent and stand-alone devices. The change of the labor market is compelling people to convert to the new digital era.

Jobs doomed to disappear in the next twenty years in Europe 50%
Jobs doomed to disappear in the next twenty years in Italy 60%

The task of the Internet Engineer is to cooperate in this change. That’s why the Internet Engineer not only finds job in ICT industrial sector but also in medical, agricultural, finance, construction and energy sector.

Gruppo Finmeccanica, Fastweb, Poste Italiane, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, WIND, 3, RAI, MEDIASET, La7, Engineering, SelexES, ThalesAlenia Space Italy, IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi, Telespazio, RheinmetallItalia, Elettronica SpA, società di informatica (from the big and well-known such as IBM or HP or SAP up to the 50.000 little and medium Italian Companies)
Airports, Transport Sector, Insurance and Bank Groups, Supply Companies
At Universities, CNR, ENEA, ESRIN, ASI, post-graduate Masters or Business Administration…
Your start-up could be the beginning of a new wave of opportunities!
Technical know-how does not have any limitation of language and space. Some graduate students have decided to work abroad (Europe, U.S.A. or Middle-Eastern countries).

Your education? We rely on four sectors

We think that to give you the essential know-how for your future we should start from a solid basis of four strategic sectors.

Sensors, signals and media

Sensors, signals, sensing, media

How and with what kind of technologies and methodologies, do we obtain, control and measure the context data? (Where are we? What is happening? Who are we meeting? Are we in danger? Is anything changing? etc.)

How do we encode and reproduce multimedia data?

Communication and Data Distribution

Data Supply

What kind of high speed communication systems?
What kind of wired-wireless broadband technologies?
How do we supply data? How do we design data center and cloud? Mobility?

Data integration and Big Data

Data analysis and data integration

What kind of algorithms do we use to recognize “pattern”? How do we discern important data from a huge amount of data? How do we teach a machine to classify phenomena and foresee events?
How do we analyse the relationships among human beings (e.g. social networks)?
How do we integrate in a distinct system data coming from different sources?
How do we analyse real-time data while they are coming (stream analytics)?

Services, Management and Security

Services and Management

How do we develop web systems, distributed applications, mobile apps?
How do we protect data and system from cyber attacks? How do we manage and file data?
How do we manage mobility?
How do we use locationing technologies, RFID and NFC in applications?

There is only one way: Your Way

The development of science and technology is taking towards an increasing need for professionals. That’s why we have introduced more freedom to choose you subjects: it’s up to you to choose your course with 41% of option credits in the Master’s Degree, completely taught in English!

New subjects and a new Master’s Degree, completely taught in English: the world has changed

We have joined the strong fundaments of Engineering to a series of new subjects concerning current and required themes in the world of work and, as a surplus value, the subjects of the Master’s Degree are completely taught in English. Our newly reinforced Degree programme and the introduction of the English language are the answer to the world that is changing.

The master of Science in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and Internet Engineering provides the skills, methodologies, and technical know-how needed to master and exploit the many opportunities brought about by the digital era and the emergence of “smart” networked infrastructures in many application domains (energy, transport, society, security, etc). Students will learn and experiment the various facets of the modern internet technologies, including, but not limiting to: sensing, monitoring, and cyber-physical systems; telecommunication and networking; software systems and services; cyber-security; advanced techniques for (big) data analytics and pattern recognition, etc.

Do you remember? Smarphones did not exist before 2006 and before 2000 web was a real stranger to many people!
Here are some of the news subjects:

  • Internet Architecture

  • Architectures, technologies and protocols for data transfer and supply on cabled and via radio infrastructures

  • Internet Software

  • Data Transfer and Supply

  • Location Systems, remote sensing, radiofrequency identification, monitoring, surveillance and sensing

  • Architectures and protocols design Methodologies for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks

  • Transmission methodologies, multimedia data communication and processing

  • Systems and optical networks processing, satellite networks, radio mobiles, mobiles, LAN and MAN methodologies

  • Web and Internet services and applications design

  • Mobile terminals applications development

  • Pattern recognition

  • Data and infrastructures communication, network and transfer systems management

  • Users, network infrastructure and data protection and security

  • Data analysis and knowledge management

  • Systems design and development, distributed applications, mobile terminals Internet services methodologies

Look at the Study Plan

Laboratories and experimentation

There is no good engineer without good practice. Many classes include practical activities with specific laboratories.


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Here is what companies say about us

What do companies think about Tor Vergata Internet Engineering graduate students?

“So far, the Internet has enabled email, web, e-commerce, social networks. Nowadays the Internet is enabling a new industrial revolution thanks to Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE is the networked connection of people, processes, data and things. It will have a dramatic impact on every industry and it will create or shift 19 Trillion $ of value, globally, in the next decade. Realising this potential in each country will depend on individuals having the right skills and right knowledge to harness the opportunities provided by IoE. New jobs will be created that today do not exists and we need to prepare our students and ourselves to learn, to unlearn and to re-learn throughout our careers. This is why this new “Internet Engineering” class is an ideal path to be prepared for tomorrow”.
Enrico Mercadante, CISCO

Here is what our graduate students say about us

We have asked our 2009-2013 graduate students where they work, what they think about the course and where we can improve it. They gave us good advices and we have changed thanks to them too!

Students who have found job 6 months after the degree
Our graduate students who have found job in Italy
Students thinking that the subjects studied are usefull for their job
Students thinking that the subjects studied made them “ready to work”
“I have been working for 3 yaers as a System Engineer. The course has simplified my entry in the world of work: 1 month after the degree I had an eccellent interview in a company and other companies are now interested in CV”
Marco L., Graduate 2009
“I work in the world of mobile phone technology. The classes concernign the GSM system were very usefull for me and I would highlight new technologies like LTE”.
The programmes have been updated to include the new technologies.
Giulia S., Graduate 2012
“More study and contact with new technologies and more laboratories and practical activities”.
Laboratories and practical activities have been reinforced.
Luca F., Graduate 2013
“The know-how about IP network was very usefull but I had to enhance it working. I would reinforce subjects like computer science”.
Some classes of computer science have been modified and added (C, Java, Mobile and Web Applications)
Marco A., Graduate 2010
“I think that the multidisciplinary teaching and the combined approach of electronics, computer science and data processing are essential to understand a project or a system”
Carlo A., Graduate 2012

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