Study Plans

A study plan is an organized schedule that students create that outlines study times and learning goals. A study plan is a list of subjects and related credits scheduled in an academic year.
Although The Guide to the Courses (Guida ai Corsi di Laurea e Corsi di Laurea Magistrale) presents an official study plan each academic year, you can schedule and present an individual study plan where you can choose your subject as an option to the standard one.
You can schedule just one study plan a year. A repeating student can schedule a new study plan or a modification of the previously approved one.
Study plans are examined by Consiglio di Corso di Studi which can totally approve them, approve them with modifications or reject them. In any case, students are not allowed to schedule more than 80 credits a year. If a study plan is rejected, the last approved study plan will be considered.
In order to help you schedule you study plan you can contact the Management Office (Head of Segreteria Didattica – Dr. Rosanna Gervasio) or the Chairman (Prof. Stefano Salsano).

Master's Coordinator

Prof. Stefano Salsano
Phone: +39 06 7259 7770

Management Office (Segreteria Didattica)

Dr. Rosanna Gervasio
Phone: +39 06 7259 7459

Your Study Plan

Here is the procedure to create your Study Plan.

Bachelor’s Degree: Study Plan delivery deadline 31/01/2023;

Master’s Degree: Study Plan delivery deadline 31/01/2023;

Send Your Study Plan to the Management Office (Segreteria Didattica – Dr. Rosanna Gervasio).

You are free to choose the subjects and how to get a part of credits CFU , but your choice must be coherent.

Bachelor's Degree

  • 153 CFU basic subjects
  • 15 CFU optional subjects
  • 6 CFU laboratory activities
  • 6 CFU Degree Examination

Master's Degree

  • 72 CFU basic subjects
  • 27 CFU optional subjects
  • 3 CFU educational activities
  • 18 CFU Degree Examination