Job and Career Outlook

Just as the spread of Computer has led to the creation of new jobs, so the spread of the Internet has led to the need for new experienced professionals capable of coping with all the problems concerning the Internet-related systems, through a systematic approach that allows to develop multidisciplinary solutions, methods and technologies. ICT and Internet Engineering fulfils the need for a new wave of further job opportunities in both technology and service industry, owing to the trend towards big data , smart infrastructures, software-rich networks, Internet of Things, smartphone applications etc. The course offers opportunities in many sectors currently revolutionized by ICT in Italy and abroad: Web-based Systems, Services, Application Design, ICT Technologies, Integration for Web Enterprises, Energy, Health, Environment Protection, Tourism, Automotive, Constructions, Defense, Public Administration, Cybersecurity and last but not least your start-up.

Different Sectors

If we look at the Italian sector, there are many companies dealing with ICT such as Gruppo Finmeccanica, Ericsson-Marconi, Alcatel.
Fastweb, Poste Italiane, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, WIND, 3
Engineering, Selex ES, Thales Alenia Space Italy, IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi, Telespazio, Rheinmetall Italia, Elettronica SpA
Computer Science Companies such as IBM, HP , SAP as well as 50.000 little or medium Italian enterprises.
Your start-up could be the beginning of a new wave of opportunities.

Our graduate students

Students who have found job 6 months after the Degree 91%
Students who have found job in Italy 83%
Students thinking that the subjects studied are useful for their job 79%
Students “ready to work” after the Degree 75%

Legal validity of the Bachelor’s Degree

L-08 – Ingegneria della Informazione – Information Engineering

Legal validity of the Master’s Degree

LM-27 – Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni – Telecommunications Engineering

Some of the companies which recently hired our graduate students