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Insights into guided propagation, microwave circuits, and passive microwave devices.


Guided propagation. General aspects of guided propagation. TEM, TE, and TM waves. Coaxial liness. Rectangular waveguides. Circular waveguides. Conformal mapping techniques. Analysis of coupled lines and striplines. Microstrips in low frequency and high frequency approximations. Resonators. Fundations of resonant circuits. Rectangular cavities. Circular cavities. Microwave circuits. Properties of Z and S matrices. Excitation of waveguides. Equivalent currents. Application to studying probe to waveguide coupling, cavity to wavegude coupling, and waveguide to waveguide coupling. Matching by impedance tranformation. Quarter wave transformers. Multisection transformers. Passive microwave devices. Reciprocal devices: terminations, attenuators, phase shifters, directional couplers, Hybrid T junctions. Non reciprocal devices: isolators, circulators.
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